Andrew Divoff would love to return for Wishmaster 5

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

With the four-film WISHMASTER collection recently becoming available, I chose to revisit the first film in the series. I found my re-watching of the flick to be fun as hell, as the original WISHMASTER goes balls to the wall right from the very first scene. That guy's skeleton ripping it's way out of his body is one of the coolest effects I have ever seen.

It is with this in mind I bring you the news that the original Djinn himself Andrew Divoff was recently speaking with Geekadelphia about all things WISHMASTER and let slip some interesting bits of info, including why he didn't return to the franchise after WISHMASTER 2, his script for the third WISHMASTER film, and his wish to return to the iconic role.

Divoff on why he didn’t come back for the sequels:

Well, all I will say is at the time; we agreed to go our separate ways. I had actually written number three and presented my script. I was a little too well, how should I say, overshooting the mark with what could be expected from special effects at some of the things that were included in my script; like gargoyles on buildings coming to life and coming down into the street and that sort of thing. That would have been, as we had discussed, the budget for that one outweighed the rest of the films.

What his WISHMASTER 3 was about:

Yeah, it was called Wishmaster: The Third Millennium. It was written right around 1999 and 2000 and it was basically, you know in anticipation of Y2K and all of that. You’ll remember that was a bit of a panic in the day. There was an American warship in Asia and it is hit by a missile, and all hell breaks loose. Incidentally, there is a meeting going on at the UN and monsters come to life right there and go through the crowd and start ripping it up.

Then we open in the desert, with a guy finding in a cave the gemstone again. I won’t go too much further than that, but suffice to say I put a lot of thought into it.

And, finally, they asked him if he had "one wish" what would it be:

Well, you know what, if I had one I might as well go ahead and say it. Wishmaster 5. I will answer the lingering question, I would love to do it again. But whether it is me or not I think the franchise has a lot of life left in it.

I agree there is "a lot of life left" in the WISHMASTER franchise. I think the series was a franchise that went a little too low-budget straight to video a tad too quickly. I mean the word of WISHMASTER is rip for some much further investigation, that news of a WISHMASTER 5 would have me all but jumping for f*cking joy.

Do you think there should be a WISHMASTER 5?

Bring back WISHMASTER 3's AJ Cook and I'll be happy.

Source: Geekadelphia

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