Horror talk show The Core w/ Mickey Keating debuts on Shudder this November

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

I don't know if you have a subscription to horror streaming service Shudder, but if you don't all I can say is you'd better get on that. And as soon as possible.

On top of hosting the best of the best horror flicks streaming, Shudder also hosts original programs, and as of today, they have announced an all-new original series that sounds like epically good horror times.

The new talk show series is called THE CORE and will feature writer-director Mickey Keating (POD, CARNAGE PARK, PSYCHOPATHS) interviewing top names in the world of horror including Elijah Wood, The Soska Sisters, Adam Green, Simon Barrett, Leigh Whannell, and Rodney Ascher for starters.
The series is described as:

A weekly dissection of genre filmmaking hosted by director and genre fan Mickey Keating. Alongside filmmakers from the world of horror, Keating examines the onscreen techniques and real-life psychologies that strike fear into our very core.

Mickey Keating on THE CORE:

The Core is a twisted celebration of the magic of genre filmmaking, and I can honestly say there has never been anything like it. There’s no outlet that cares as much about the genre fan as Shudder, and I’m thrilled they’ll be bringing ‘The Core’ to the fan community.

Owen Shiflett, vice president of development for Shudder:

Our members not only love to watch horror films and series, they want to know everything they can about the process of making the stuff they love. Shudder is dedicated to offering fans programming that they won’t get anywhere else. ‘The Core’ is the very definition of a Shudder Original: clever, insightful, and with a unique approach to the genre and its history that fans can truly appreciate.

You can watch the trailer for the series below and then make sure to hit us up and let us know how excited you are about THE CORE in the comments below or on social media!

Shudder has ordered a 10-episode first season of THE CORE set to debut Nov. 16.

Source: Variety

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