India Eisley and Jason Isaacs take the leads in Behind the Glass

India Eisley

We learned back in June that writer/director Assaf Bernstein was in pre-production on a psychological thriller called BEHIND THE GLASS and was searching for actors to fill out the cast that will be bringing his story to life:

Maria, a shy and reclusive 18-year-old high school girl, is alienated by her parents and known as an outcast by her peers. Her only confidant is her own reflection in the mirror, from which she derives comfort, a sense of belonging, and ultimately, her own demise. 

For the lead double role of Maria and her reflection Airam, Bernstein was looking for a magnetic and unique actress who could play innocent and complex at the same time. Bernstein has found those qualities in actress India Eisley, whose credits include UNDERWORLD: AWAKENING and THE CURSE OF SLEEPING BEAUTY.

For Maria's Dorian Gray-esque father Dan, Bernstein needed someone who could be enigmatic and intriguingly dark. Jason Isaacs is definitely capable of pulling that off, so the fact that he has signed on to play Dan seems like perfect casting to me.

Joining Eisley and Isaacs in the cast is Harrison Gilbertson, who will be playing "a conflicted young man torn between the love of his girlfriend and her best friend."

The casting process is still underway, but these first announcements indicate that BEHIND THE GLASS is shaping up quite nicely.

Jason Isaacs

Source: Arrow in the Head

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