James Wan would like to remake Chopping Mall and Night of the Creeps

James Wan has produced and/or directed some of the most popular horror films to be released in the last twenty years. His résumé includes Saw, Insidious, The Conjuring, and the franchises each one of those spawned. And in his daydreams, he imagines adding remakes of the 1980s classics Chopping Mall (watch it HERE) and Night of the Creeps (watch that HERE) to the list as well.

Speaking with SlashFilm, it came up that Wan likes movies that could be termed “frightful fun”, much like his recent, totally insane directorial effort Malignant and the upcoming sci-fi thriller M3GAN (read our review), which he produced. Wan said, “I have many horror films that I think that are just fun that I love, and I’m pretty sure the horror community shares them with me. I love movies like Chopping Mall. I love Night of the Creeps. These, to me, are just sort of fun horror films that I would love to be able to dive into one day, or do them but with the way that I make my films.

Directed by Jim Wynorski from a screenplay he wrote with Steve Mitchell, Chopping Mall was released in 1986 and has the following synopsis: Some people will kill for a bargain… and at the Park Plaza Mall they do! Here, you can shop until you drop… dead! High tech robots equipped with state-of-the-art security devices have been recruited as the new mechanical “night watchmen” for the Park Plaza Mall. When a jolting bolt of lightning short circuits the main computer control, the robots turn into “killbots”… on the loose after unsuspecting shoppers! Four couples are trying to make it after-hours in a mattress store. They make it all right… in the morgue! At Park Plaza Mall, you can save on everything but your life!

Also released in 1986, Night of the Creeps was written and directed by Fred Dekker and tells the following story: Humor mixes with horror in this chiller about a college campus being ravaged by gruesome creatures that turn their victims into zombies. The night of the formal is finally here for Chris, Cindy, and J.C. It’s going to be the best night of their lives. But, tonight is also the NIGHT OF THE CREEPS. From a world unknown comes a nightmare unimagined. First, they are under you, around you, inside of you, then, you’re dead. Zombies, exploding heads, creepy crawlies, they are a new breed of terror; a different kind of horror. The Creeps are taking over. You never had a night like this!

To find out more about Chopping Mall, you can watch our Revisited video on the film at THIS LINK. To find out more about Night of the Creeps, check out our Best Horror Movie You Never Saw video on it at THIS LINK.

Would you like to see James Wan get the chance to make new versions of Chopping Mall or Night of the Creeps? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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Source: SlashFilm

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