Jamie Foxx stars in Netflix’s super-powered action flick Project Power!

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Jamie Foxx is no stranger to being in superhero films, such as playing the villain Electro in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 and possibly still attached as SPAWN in Todd MacFarlane's (supposedly) upcoming reboot. Now, he's starring in the super-powered actioner PROJECT POWER for Netflix, which just released a new badass trailer that you can watch at the top of the article.

Here's the official synopsis:

On the streets of New Orleans, word begins to spread about a mysterious new pill that unlocks superpowers unique to each user. The catch: You don’t know what will happen until you take it. While some develop bulletproof skin, invisibility, and super strength, others exhibit a deadlier reaction. But when the pill escalates crime within the city to dangerous levels, a local cop (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) teams with a teenage dealer (Dominique Fishback) and a former soldier fueled by a secret vendetta (Jamie Foxx) to fight power with power and risk taking the pill in order to track down and stop the group responsible for creating it.

Looks like it could be fun! Always hard to tell, as Netflix originals tend to be very hit-and-miss, with things like OLD GUARD wildly exceeding expectations, while BRIGHT…not so much. Only time will tell where this one lands.

Meanwhile, PROJECT POWER – also starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and directed by Henry Joost & Ariel Schulman – will premiere on Netflix August 14th.

So what do you guys think? Either way, sound off below!

Source: Arrow in the Head

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