100 years of FX

With RAMBO 5, BAD BOYS 3 and Disney buying Marvel, all other news for the day is buried in such a deep, dark shadow you can’t even see it. So in lieu of some sort of official BATMAN 3 announcement, I’m going to take this time to show you a rather cool video I stumbled across this weekend.

It’s a five minute history of the progression of special effects technology over the past 100 years. The clips shown are too numerous to list here, but if you remember a movie where the effects blew you away, you’ll probably find it here (though sadly, no love for Michael Bay’s transforming robots). The clips are interspersed with actual footage of the techniques used to film them which makes this more than just a fan montage of cool CGI. It’s worth checking out for sure.

Extra Tidbit: What films do you think the video left out? I’d go with INDEPENDENCE DAY for one. LOTR as well.
Source: JoBlo



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