A Jesus spin-off?

It's not the second coming, but rather a glimmer of hope from John Turturro on a spin-off of his purple suited pedophile Jesus from THE BIG LEBOWSKI.

While Turturro was very excited about the possibility of the project back in June, he was rather hesitant which you will see in the video below. MTV caught up with the Coen brothers at TIFF while they were promoting A SERIOUS MAN which comes out in limited release on October 2nd. They were not as hopeful however with Ethan saying, "We don't see it yet." Joel chimed in about the fan connection with LEBOWSKI, "That movie has more of an enduring fascination for other people than it does for us."

While it is disappointing, it's better to think of a movie not being made, than a movie being made without the Coen's involvement. They do realize that Turturro is serious about making the flick, "Oh, he serious. He's on board", says Ethan. Ethan also added that it could happen, but there's nothing too concrete at all.

Extra Tidbit: What would the Jesus do in a sequel? What wouldn't he do is more like it.
Source: MTV Movies Blog



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