A Knight Rider movie is still on the way with the addition of a new screenwriter

I somehow managed to forget about the fact that a KNIGHT RIDER movie was being planned. To be fair, the last time we ever wrote up anything on the subject it was 2002 and the project was just being announced. At that time, Revolution Studios, who brought us XXX were the ones housing the film. Not only that but the flick was being written by series creator Glen Larson with David Hasselhoff serving as producer/co-star.

This version doesn't have any of that. It seems that The Weinstein Company has the rights to the movie adaptation after the bought them from Larson. They recently hired Brad Copeland to write the first draft of the script. Copeland's writing resume consists of YOGI BEAR, WILD HOGS, and episodes of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, GROUNDED FOR LIFE, MY NAME IS EARL, and the American version of THE INBETWEENERS. The original television version starred Hasselhoff as Michael Knight, a guy who fought crime with the help of an indestructible and artificially intelligent supercar.

The film adaptation is being developed as a "higher-budget, more action-oriented movie" which is quite different from what the The Weinsteins usually do. Will Hasselhoff take part in the movie? Not sure. But he really, really wants to.

Source: LA Times



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