A look at the time machine from Rian Johnson's Looper

Bruce Willis doesn't seem to have good luck with time machines, does he? Rian Johnson posted our first look at the machine that will send Willis back in LOOPER on the film's Tumblr page.

In LOOPER Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars as a hitman called a Looper, a man who works as an assassin 30 years before time travel has been invented. When it is invented it's immediately made illegal, and only mobs use it as a means of getting rid of undesirables. They send people back to the past where a looper immediately takes them out, which is really the best way to completely eliminate any evidence of wrong-doing. The Loopers keep at this (and keep making obscene amounts of money) until they kill their future selves and close their loop, and then they have three decades of living the high life left. That plan changes when Gordon-Levitt's future self, played by Bruce Willis, comes back with a plan to survive. Emily Blunt, Paul Dano, Xu Qing, Noah Segan, Jeff Daniels and Piper Perabo co-star.

LOOPER is easily one of my most-anticipated films of the year, and it would be if you're familiar with Johnson, the acclaimed director behind BRICK and THE BROTHER BLOOM, as well as the incredible season 4 episode of "Breaking Bad", "Fly". 

We sadly still have a bit of a wait for LOOPER, as it has a release date of September 28th. Hopefully we'll start seeing more on it soon.

Source: Looper Tumblr



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