A remake of Lost in Space is in the works at Netflix

Beyond that catchy theme song and Dr. Smith calling the Robot a "bubble-headed booby" among other things, most of my knowledge of Lost in Space unfortunately originates from that disappointing 1998 feature-film adaption of the same name. However the classic 1960's sci-fi series may be heading for a resurrection of sorts, with Netflix coming out on top in a competitive bidding war for the rights to a remake of the series.

The new series, which is being written with an eye towards a straight-to-series order, is being described as "an epic but grounded science fiction saga focusing on a young explorer family from earth lost in an alien universe and the challenges they face in staying together against seemingly insurmountable odds." Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless (DRACULA UNTOLD) are executive producing the project along with Kevin Burns, Marc Helwig, and Neil Marshall, who is also expected to direct. This isn't the first time that Lost in Space has attempted to return to television, back in 2003 a pilot directed by John Woo which went by the title of The Robinsons: Lost in Space was produced but failed to secure a pickup. Its sets were then purchased by the producers of Battlestar Galactica and used for scenes on the Battlestar Pegasus.

Lost In Space recently celebrated its 50th anniversary and to commemorate the occasion, the complete series of Lost in Space was released on Blu-ray in September.

Any Lost in Space fans out there? What do you think of this news?

Extra Tidbit: The Lost in Space theme music was written by John Williams. Yes, that John Williams.
Source: Deadline



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