A trailer for Finding Nemo 3D- Disney keeps cranking out those re-releases

Now poor Marlin has another dimension to contend with in his quest.

Unlike THE LION KING and BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, FINDING NEMO's computer animation seems to lend itself better to the 3D process, but we'll see how it works. Either way we're getting a rerelease of a fantastic film, one of Pixar's best. 

The film was the second highest grossing of 2012, prompting a mass clownfish shortage in the U.S. and for environmentalists to warn parents to tell their children not to flush their fish... because they wouldn't end up frolicking in the ocean, just chopped to bits in a sewage treatment plant.

This trailer is just in time for BEAUTY AND THE BEAST 3D, which hits theaters this weekend. That's not a coincidence- you can plan on seeing the trailer before the feature, and then a trailer for MONSTERS INC 3D for NEMO, and then THE LITTLE MERMAID for MONSTERS.

FINDING NEMO 3D opens on September 14th. Expect to see more Disney films converted as each one makes tons of money. 

Source: Yahoo! Movies



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