Aaron Johnson cast as Cyclops in X-Men: First Class

Remember those reports (and photos) of KICK-ASS star Aaron Johnson having lunch with X-MEN: FIRST CLASS director Matthew Vaughn and star James McAvoy? Turns out it was, after all, not just a friendly get-together.

According to Ain't It Cool sources, Johnson is "one hundred percent locked" to star in the film as a younger version of Cyclops. Johnson would join a cast that includes McAvoy as Professor X, Michael Fassbender as Magneto and Alice Eve as Emma Frost. Other roles reportedly being cast in the film are Banshee and Beast though no actors have been confirmed for either. I'd imagine they'd also need a Jean Grey but so far no word on whether she's in the film. Storm could also be a candidate but since Angel and Iceman were cast younger in the X-MEN franchise, they probably will be left of FIRST CLASS (unless they have an Icebaby).

I'd love to see Fox make a big splash at Comic-Con this year with the FIRST CLASS cast showing up. I don't think it's likely but Fox is known for surprises (see: BORAT and Hugh Jackman's appearance for WOLVERINE). It'd certainly be a great way to relaunch the franchise...

Extra Tidbit: You think Jackman will make a cameo in this?



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