Aaron Johnson offered leads in both Savages and Anna Karenina

It's one thing to be a new young face in Hollywood considered for a lot of parts, but it's another to have roles practically thrown at you. This used to be Shia LaBeouf, now it's Taylor Lautner, and coming up? KICK ASS's Aaron Johnson who has just been offered two separate lead roles.

The first is for SAVAGES, an Oliver Stone film that follows two best friend drug dealers who are so good at growing pot, a Mexican cartel has kidnapped their woman and will killer if they don't work for them. Jennifer Lawrence is supposed to play the kidnapped "sexpot" but now that she's signed onto HUNGER GAMES that might not be possible.

The second part is the male love interest in ANNA KARENINA, an adaptation of the classic Tolstoy novel starring Keira Knightley in the titular role with her previous collaborator, ATONEMENT's Joe Wright directing.

The films are shooting in different times, so Johnson will probably have time for both of them. Not exactly Taylor Lautner starring in STRETCH ARMSTRONG, and it's good to see him choosing presumably worthwhile parts.

Extra Tidbit: How was he in NOWHERE BOY? I didn't get a chance to catch that yet.
Source: Deadline



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