Adam Sandler to take a dramatic turn in Tom McCarthy's The Cobbler

Adam Sandler has become a laughingstock but not in a good way. The buffoonish actor who started his movie career with BILLY MADISON and HAPPY GILMORE was not exactly the type of actor you would expect to make quality films. He seemed to be headed on the path of movies like, well, GROWN UPS. It was when Sandler began showing his skills with more dramatic moments in movies like THE WEDDING SINGER that he gained the interest to be cast in movies like REIGN OVER ME, SPANGLISH, and PUNCH DRUNK LOVE. Now, he looks to be taking another dramatic turn.

Sandler is close to joining Tom McCarthy's THE COBBLER which is rumored to be a modern day tale of a shoe man who has the ability to metaphysically step into the lives of the people whose shoes he repairs. THE COBBLER looks to start filming this year in advance of McCarthy's Catholic Church scandal movie SPOTLIGHT and Sandler's turn in Jason Reitman's MEN WOMEN AND CHILDREN.

I was a big proponent of Adam Sandler being nominated for Best Actor for Paul Thomas Anderson's PUNCH DRUNK LOVE. It truly showed his ability as an actor, something that is overshadowed by his reliance of pee and poop jokes. I respect comedic actors who try to stretch themselves dramatically, but so far I have only seen Will Ferrell and Robin Williams pull it off successfully. Here's hoping that THE COBBLER is the movie to do that for Sandler.



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