Admiral Thrawn teased in new Star Wars Rebels Promo

While I haven't seen it myself, the STAR WARS REBELS show has been getting some good, critical accolades, which is nice to hear. But, things have been heating up ever since it's been announced that none other than Admiral Thrawn is coming to the show!

Now, who is Admiral Thrawn, most of you will ask? Well, he's a popular character in the STAR WARS Expanded Universe novels that sprang up in the '90s (which is why most of you aren't probably as excited as fans think you should be). Anyway here's a good look at the guy for those not in the know:

This is a great precedent for all of those lost souls who felt slighted when Disney decided to burn down all the Extended Universe canon before making EPISODE VII. This means that any character from the EU could still show up in this new canon, even if in an altered or adapted form (Thrawn, for instance came into prominence after RETURN OF THE JEDI in the EU novels).

I think this is the best approach. The EU got unweildy and contradictory as it went on, and there was so much material that adapting it would cause changes anyway. With the approach Disney is taking with STAR WARS canon now, we can get some of the better things the EU authors created (i.e. the son of Han and Leia turning to the dark side, a super-weapon that destroys entire solar systems, Thrawn, etc.) while leaving out some of the worst (the Yuuzhan Vong, more Emperor clones, whoever this guy is).

And while I know many of you want Mara Jade in the new canon, I'm just excited for when the new HAN SOLO movie busts out Jaxxon!

STAR WARS REBELS Season 3 will debut September 24th, 2016.

Extra Tidbit: Thrawn made his first appearance in the 1991 novel HEIR TO THE EMPIRE by Timothy Zahn.
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