Adult Swim greenlights two new shows, Apollo Gauntlet and Hot Streets

Man, I love me some Adult Swim. Hell, I remember when it first premiered with those bumpers that showed grainy footage of old people in a community pool. I still have fond memories of AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE, HOME MOVIES, and SEALAB 2021. 

Anyway, two new 15-minute shows are being produced for Adult Swim that sound like Adult Swim shows. First up is APOLLO GAUNTLET, based on a popular web-comic by artist Myles Langlois, and is described by Deadline as:

Paul Cassidy, an ordinary cop, gets transported to a futuristic medieval society by the evil Dr. Benign. With the help of a magic suit and a set of talking gauntlets that might or might not have magical powers, Paul becomes Apollo Gauntlet on a quest to fight evil and find Dr. Benign.

The second one is HOT STREETS, created by RICK AND MORTY and ROBOT CHICKEN writer Brian Wysol:

A science fiction adventure series [that] revolves around FBI Agent Mark Branski, his partner, his niece, and her dog, who investigate supernatural phenomena.

Both sound fun to me. Haven't actually sat down to watch Adult Swim in ages (mainly because I don't own a TV and stream everything now), but I might check these ones out sometime. What about you Schmoes? You still watching Adult Swim? If so, what are some good new shows to watch? Sound off below!

Extra Tidbit: My favorite Adult Swim show is still SPACE GHOST: COAST TO COAST though.
Source: Deadline



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