After Dark Action flick Transit with Jim Caviezel picks up a trailer

Transit title banner

The After Dark Action movie series, first reported on back here, is shaping up to be a rather interesting experiment if the promotional material is any indication.  Last week brought a trailer for the Jean Claude Van Damme's contribution, and today you can watch the trailer for Jim Caviezel's piece of the pie entitled TRANSIT.  Caviezel plays intensity driven by heartbreak and desperation rather well indeed, and this performance looks to be no different. I would love a solid little action flick starring an actor of Caviezel's caliber, so here's hoping this is indeed as solid as the trailer hints it could be, and not instead the direct-to-video quality I secretly fear.

Either way we'll know soon enough, as TRANSIT can be seen in limited theatrical release or via On Demand on May 11th. 

Oh, and Diora Baird? You can co-star in my movie anytime:

Diora Baird in black

Extra Tidbit: I've always found Caviezel's THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO to be rather underrated.
Source: Collider



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