Ali Larter returns for "final" Resident Evil; Frank Grillo back for Purge 3

Today we're ever so pleased to bring you two genre castings for the price of one! Not that you actually have to pay for either of them so...that joke doesn't really work (that was a joke?) Thanks to Milla Jovovich we know that RESIDENT EVIL: THE FINAL CHAPTER has entered the pre-production phase and now it seems like they're starting to scoop up cast members.

Deadline reports that Ali Larter will return for RESIDENT EVIL: THE FINAL CHAPTER in the role of Claire Redfield. Larter previously appeared as Claire in RESIDENT EVIL: EXTINCTION and RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE so I'd imagine that her casting is only the first of what will be several returning cast-members. RESIDENT EVIL: THE FINAL CHAPTER (place your bets on how "final" you think this installment will be) will pick up right after the events of the last film with Project Alice forced to race against time before the Red Queen attempts to destroy the last of humanity. The film is set to begin shooting in South Africia this September with Paul W.S. Anderson returning to direct.

Meanwhile in other casting news, Variety has informed us that Frank Grillo will live to purge another day in THE PURGE 3. Grillo played Leo Barnes in THE PURGE: ANARCHY and given the dire straights his character had found himself in at the close of the film, I wasn't entirely sure whether to expect him back for a third. As a huge Grillo fan, I'm very pleased to know that he'll be back and (hopefully) kicking ass in THE PURGE 3. James DeMonaco will return to write and direct the third entry in THE PURGE series. Frank Grillo recently finished shooting CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR where he was reprising his role of Crossbones.

THE PURGE 3 is set for a July 1, 2016 release.

Extra Tidbit: After the first Purge seemed to waste their catchy premise, I was very relieved to see them learn from their mistakes in Purge: Anarchy. Can a third film change things up for the better once again?
Source: DeadlineVariety



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