Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson are back for Pitch Perfect 2

When it comes to my musicals, I’m a little picky. Sometimes a movie can really overdo it, or the songs end up being a trifle bit annoying. Going into PITCH PERFECT, I knew that Rebel Wilson would win me over, and she did. Plus there’s the appearance of WORKAHOLIC’s Adam DeVine. Then there’s that damn “Cups” song! You end up becoming that person singing it in the car until someone catches you at a red light.

I’m sure the sequel directed by Elizabeth Banks will have another catchy tune. Luckily, Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson are back for the second installment. As if they would do it without them.

When we last left the Bellas, they had won the national competition, and were auditioning new members to add to their crew. Where will the ladies go from here? Will Beca (Kendrick) get a recording contract and be tempted to separate from the group?

Kay Cannon is back on as screenwriter. Production on the film is TBA.

Source: Deadline



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