Annapurna bails on Lithgow-led Roger Ailes film days before production start

Word has come in that, according to a source close to The Hollywood Reporter, Annapurna Pictures has relinquished their hold on the untitled drama centered around Fox News' Roger Ailes, who is set to be played by THE CROWN and DEXTER alum John Lithgow. As per THR's exclusive report, Megan Ellison's Annapurna will be handing the project off to Canadian-based Bron Studios, the banner behind such releases as FENCES and THE BIRTH OF A NATION. While the film has been viewed as a hot commodity for some time, it's being said that Annapurna bailed on the pic due to budgetary constraints, which are said to be among the $35 million dollar range. Meanwhile, another source is saying that the film remains under budget. While the details aren't exactly clear, it would seem that Bron Studios will be taking the reins nonetheless.

The studio exchange is coming off as quite the surprise for some, as the project was still in the process of casting as of yesterday, with production scheduled to begin in a mere matter of days. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the exploits of Fox's Roger Ailes, the 77-year-old co-creator of Fox News had been met with a series of sexual harassment and coercion claims by at least 10 women throughout his 50-plus-year career. The repugnant media mogul died in 2017, leaving his legacy in the news community marred by controversy.

With Bron Studios continuing the project, the untitled Roger Ailes film will also star Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie (who will play Megyn Kelly). We'll be sure to bring you more about this hot-button project as details slither to the surface.



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