Anne Hathaway in talks to replace Amy Schumer in Barbie movie

Not too long after it was announced Amy Schumer would be starring in a live-action BARBIE movie the starlet bowed out of the project, leaving it starlet-less. Now a new report has come out the claim the problem has been solved, and that Oscar-winner Anne Hathaway is the top choice to play the plastic icon come to life.

The Ankler first broke the news that Hathaway was being sought for the role after a NY Times article wrote in a profile of Sony’s Amy Pascal that "negotiations are underway with an Oscar-winning actress for the tonally tricky title role." Hathaway won an Oscar for her work in 2012’s LES MIS, and word is the actress is very close to signing the lease for a fashionable pink convertible if you get my drift.

The casting is far from confirmed though, and Sony stressed to EW that the casting is yet to be a “done deal.” Also in production-hiring news, word is from Tracking Board that FUN MOM DINNER director Alethea Jones is being sought to direct – although no one on her end has confirmed it either.

Sony has been trying to get the BARBIE off its feet for some time, hoping to make it a story about female empowerment. I can’t say I’m aching to see this movie, but Hathaway does lend a bit more credibility to the project. I don’t dislike Schumer, but there’s no doubt Hathaway is the accomplished actress, and she has had success with comedies before (including this year's COLOSSAL). I’m not saying Hathaway is going to get me jazzed for the flick, but my jazzed levels are indeed higher now than ever before. I’m like 1 out of 10 jazzed. That’s 10 percent jazzed.

The BARBIE movie is aiming for a June 2018 release.



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