Another Nightmare on Elm Street reboot reportedly in the works

A Nightmare on Elm Street Jackie Earle Haley Robert Englund Banner

If Sony can reboot Spider-Man three times, then I guess New Line can do the same thing with Freddy Krueger. The word from The Tracking Board is A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET reboot/remake is in the works from the studio, and they say the plan is "to scrap the lackluster 2010 reboot and start with a fresh new take." While project doesn't have a producer or director yet, ORPHAN and WRATH OF THE TITANS scribe David Leslie Johnson has been hired to write the script.

Although 2010 reboot from director Samuel "Just get a life" Bayer starring Jackie Earle Haley was panned by critics, it was still a solid hit at the box office, grossing $115 million worldwide against a budget of $35 million, and it earned an additional $14 million in Blu-ray/DVD sales. I didn't hate the film like some and thought Haley did just fine as Freddy, however it certainly wasn't as good as the original movie, or most of the sequels.

If there is going to be another A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET reboot (none of this has been confirmed by New Line yet), who do you want to play Freddy?

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