Nightmare on Elm Street director Samuel Bayer wants you to get a life and a girlfriend

So I'm about to see NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET tonight for what is apparently going to be comedic value, because every review I've seen of the thing is pretty devastating, and it’s currently sitting at a fat 15% on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s kind of a bummer, as the trailer made it look like it had potential, and I’m a big Jackie Earle Haley fan. But after reading this choice quote from director Samuel Bayer, I’m hesitant to hand over my $10 to his cause.

"The world of horror fandom is an impassioned, opinionated and often cutthroat place, and since the film’s release this past Friday, message boards and blogs have lit up with fiery debates. But Bayer isn’t impressed by the virtual slings and arrows. “Look, I’m gonna catch a lot of heat for this,” he begins. “But some of these fans on the web should just get up, stretch, breathe, go outside and get some fresh air, maybe get a girlfriend and just get a life. They should see the movie and make up their own minds.”

Why yes, you are going to catch a lot of heat for this you f*cking…uhhh, nevermind, I’m not suppose to name-call here. But yeah, seriously dude? You’ve gone from directing music videos to finally landing a feature, and this is how you want to kick things off? By all accounts you’ve made a pretty horrendous film, and just because criticism comes from the internet, doesn’t mean it’s not true.

Now stretch, breathe, go outside, and never make another movie again.

Extra Tidbit: Bayer also says he has an "Academy Award-winning actor" as Freddy. Which role did he win that Oscar for again, Sam?
Source: Fangoria



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