Another still surfaces from Tim Burton's Frankenweenie


A feature-length expansion of Tim Burton's own original film, FRANKENWEENIE follows the attempt of an oddball child named Victor to reanimate his beloved dog Sparky and the aftermath his success.  As far as interesting behind-the-scenes-side-notes go, FRANKENWEENIE's animation director Trey Thomas recently revealed that "about 200 puppets were crafted for the film - including 16 Sparkys (eight dead, eight alive), 14 Victors, and new oddball creations E (short for Edgar) and Weird Girl..." He then went on to say that "his guiding philosophy was honoring Burton's love of classic 1930s monster movies.  'What we're trying to create is Universal horror plus,' he said."

Tim Burton has been directly a part of two stop-motion projects: THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS had a story by Burton based on his poem and a visual aesthetic inspired by his art. TIM BURTON'S CORPSE BRIDE was co-directed by Burton, about characters he created, and also bore a visual aesthetic inspired by his art. Now riddle me this: of the two, which film is more influential? Which film is more beloved? Which one isn't called "TIM BURTON's CORPSE BRIDE?" Answer: the one not co-directed by Tim Burton. Not that CORPSE BRIDE is a bad movie, just in comparison it doesn't compare. Perhaps we could say that CORPSE BRIDE is like Burton's A NEW HOPE, whilst NIGHTMARE is his EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. 


And who knows, maybe FRANKENWEENIE will be different! The source material has lived in Burton's brain for all these years since he first made the original short film back in 1984, the source material is engaging enough (and hearkens back a bit to EDWARD SCISSORHANDS in terms of placing something "monstrous" in placid suburbia), and perhaps in the time between CORPSE BRIDE and now he's remembered how to use his fantastic art design to enrich and propel a story. 

Wait, but wasn't there...? What about...? Damn.

Extra Tidbit: If you've lost faith in or are bored by Burton, what would it take for you to have a change of heart?
Source: LA Times



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