Avengers 2 Rumor: Saoirse Ronan is the prototype for Scarlet Witch

Recently it was confirmed by director Joss Whedon that the brother and sister team, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver would make an appearance in THE AVENGERS 2.

Also since negotiations are coming up for some of the main actors, so it makes sense that they would already be looking for some actors to fill the new roles. Let's also take into account that Whedon is still writing on this thing so the picture for who they want may not be entirely clear. According to a rumor from Superherohype.com, it's looking kind of clear for Scarlet Witch. They say the "prototype" for the character is the lovely Saorise Ronan.

Would she be a great fit for Wanda? I'm up for giving her a chance. I like the direction that Whedon has taken with THE AVENGERS so if she is one of the candidates that's fine by me.

All we know is that they are looking for actors in their 20s. Yeah, that's a wide net. When it comes to Quicksilver aka Pietro they are using the words "euro" and "edgy". That's cute. Don't expect them to reveal the name of their father either. Kevin Feige said that would not be brought up. Maybe it shouldn't now, but what about for the third installment?

Source: SHH



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