Awfully Good Movies: Color of Night (Video)

Color of Night (1994)
Director: Richard Rush
Stars: Bruce Willis, Jane March, Ruben Blades

This weekend, Emily Blunt is getting caught up in a scary and sexy mystery as THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN, so Awfully Good Movies is pulling out its magnifying glass--and pulling down its pants--to solve the mystery of the 1994 Razzie-winning erotic thriller COLOR OF NIGHT, starring Bruce Willis! Yes, Bruce has taken on everything from German terrorists to space aliens, but nothing could have prepared him for the ultimate challenge: full-on nude sex scenes, in a sexy psychological thriller that's equal parts neurotic and erotic. And as a haunted psychologist trying to find out who killed his buddy Scott Bakula, Bruce also has to deal with realizing he's starring in a campy BASIC INSTINCT ripoff that’s so bad, he’ll be wishing he was back with Ving Rhames getting butt-humped by The Gimp, with a twist ending so stupid and obvious, you’ll figure it out faster than you can say “SLEEPAWAY CAMP”. Yippee-ki-yay, mamma-jammas!

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Extra Tidbit: This was the first film in 14 years for Richard Rush, the acclaimed director of Peter O'Toole's 1980 film THE STUNT MAN. But producer Andrew Vajna insisted that the film be cut down from 140 minutes to 121, even though Rush insisted his 140-minute cut tested better with audiences. After Rush suffered a near-fatal heart attack, he compromised with Vajna, and the 121-minute cut went to theaters while the 140-minute cut was released on video. And other than a making-of documentary for the STUNT MAN DVD, Rush has not directed another film for 22 years and counting. (Oh, and did I forget to mention Bruce Willis had to use a stunt double for the pool sex scene because his dick was too small? Not even kidding you.)
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