Bad Santa 2 releases naughty Red Band trailer

I remember liking the first BAD SANTA quite a bit when I saw it. It was funny, vulgar, and, most importantly, dark as shit. But I also felt like it was a movie I had no desire see continue on. The story had a definitive ending - as bleak and f*cked up as it was. 

But here we are. Another BAD SANTA movie. At least it has all the original cast (even the kid all grow'd up!) Thing is, comedies rarely have good sequels (even ANCHORMAN, GHOSTBUSTERS, and ZOOLANDER couldn't pull it off). And, hell, even if you liked those films (ANCHORMAN 2 has its moments), you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who liked any of them better than the original. So BAD SANTA 2 is already fighting an uphill battle. 

Now Miramax has just released a new Red Band trailer for the film. Let's see how it fares: 

That was...alright. I mean, like most comedy sequels, it's basically a retread of the original, just bigger and louder. They even do the thing of shoe-horning in old characters that probably have no real reason to be in the current plot, and reversing any growth of the main character so we can see them do what they did in the original. That doesn't mean it'll be a bad movie, and doesn't mean I hated the trailer (though I never thought I'd get tired of hearing the word "F*ck" over and over again, but here we are). It's just that it didn't wow me either (then again, neither did the first movie's trailer, so who knows?)  

BAD SANTA 2 will be released November 23, 2016, just in time to ruin the holidays. Like drunk Uncle Lester,

So what about you guys? You excited for more BAD SANTA? And what are the best comedy sequels?

Extra Tidbit: Before "Bradgelina", Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie were a thing. However, I don't think "Billy Bobgelina" ever caught on.
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