Behold the power of the Red Ranger's sword in new image

Go go...uh...go go gadget, no that's not right.

Okay I’m not gonna lie, I’m spacing the words. But something tells me I won’t be forgetting the words in a few months when the POWER RANGERS movie comes out. People will be posting images from the 90’s show while talking about how much better that decade was than this one, and all on their super-powered cell phones.

Though New York Comic-Con is only days away, and where a bunch of RANGER-related news is expected to drop, Saban Brands thought that was too long a wait, so they unveiled an image from the upcoming POWER RANGERS movie. Said image shows none other than the sword of the Red Ranger (Jason Lee Scott). Behold below!

I say behold, but that may be too strong a word. It looks less like a weapon to protect all mankind, and more like a pointy version of the Handi-Vac I use to clean up dog hair. I mean, I’m not saying it couldn’t kill things, I’m just saying it also looks like it has great suction capabilities. Chances are that as NYCC approaches and gets going we could possibly get a trailer and a look at other Ranger weapons, including a mop, a sponge, a feather duster and a hand towel.

All kidding aside, I guess it looks kind of cool. During the course of the movie the Red Ranger will probably pull off some sick stuff with it. Honestly though, I couldn't be more indifferent towards the POWER RANGERS flick. I was never into the series as a kid, even though I distinctly remember having RANGERS bedsheets, but I think that was more my parents assuming, “he’s a boy so he must like this stuff.” That actually explains much of childhood. Anyway, I know the series has a dedicated fan base, which is great, but nothing will really get me excited for this outside of a trailer. That being said, it will have to be a pretty sick trailer to get me to not think the Red Ranger is using cleaning equipment to save the world. Take this seriously, Red Ranger!

The Rangers will assemble on March 24, 2017 with the likes of Naomi Scott, Becky G, Billy Cranston, Jason Lee Scott, Zack Taylor Elizabeth Banks, Bryan Cranston, and Bill Hader,



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