Ben Foster goes full dope as Lance Armstrong in The Program trailer

Cheaters aren't supposed to prosper. Too bad they keep doing very well for themselves though as they keep finding new ways to skirt the rules. Baseball players test positive for performance-enhancing drugs, and, even after they serve their suspension, they still come back to sign multi-million contracts after collecting all the money off their last deal. Wall Street bankers who helped collapse the economy never see one day in jail. They all seem to live with whatever disgrace comes with getting caught as long as they made some serious bank getting there. Lance Armstrong was one of those prosperous cheaters, too, doping as a cyclist to win seven consecutive Tour de Frances on his way to fame and fortune.

But if there is one thing people don't like more than a cheater, it's a liar, and once things caught up to Armstrong and the finger he was waving in the face of PED allegations, that's where the collapse happens.

That's what we're going to see with THE PROGRAM, which looks at the very sophisticated system of doping for Lance Armstrong and his cycling team that brought the sport to its knees and exposed someone who was thought to be an inspirational figure for a fraud.

Ben Foster stars as the disgraced cyclist as Chris O'Dowd keeps pressing the issue to get answers on how Armstrong is able to keep doing the things he does.

THE PROGRAM premieres this weekend at the Toronto International Film Festival, and is set to reach theaters in the UK on October 16. A U.S. release date has yet to be announced.

Extra Tidbit: Ben Foster went method for his portrayal of Lance Armstrong and actually used PEDS in his preparation for the role.
Source: StudioCanal UK



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