Ben, Reese do Crowe

Ben Stiller and Reese Witherspoon came close to working together on NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 2 where Reese was offered the role of Amelia Earhart (she passed and Amy Adams signed on instead). But it was meant to be and Stiller and Witherspoon are back and set to work together on Cameron Crowe's next film. Untitled and super secret, all we know about Crowe's next is that it will be a "romantic comedy adventure." And knowing that much about it, I know it will already be better than FOOL'S GOLD. The untitled project is set up at Columbia where Crowe made his most successful project, JERRY MAGUIRE. The film will also bring together Crowe and producer Scott Rudin, who just won an Oscar for NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN. While we might be down on romantic comedies here at JoBlo.com, it's not that we hate the genre. We just hate lazy films. Well done romantic comedies are just as good as well done action films or superhero films. And nobody does romantic comedies better than Crowe (we'll give him a pass on ELIZABETHTOWN). Just the thought of having Crowe and Stiller together has me excited. Sadly the film won't begin production until January when both Stiller and Witherspoon are available.

Extra Tidbit: What actor other than Stiller go could from a brutally R-rated war comedy, to a kids movie to a romantic comedy?
Source: Variety



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