Benedict Cumberbatch to star in biopic of The Beatles...manager

You read that headline correctly. Benedict Cumberbatch will be starring in a biopic that follows the life of the manager of The Beatles, Brian Epstein. The film will be directed by SHERLOCK directed Paul McGuigan and produced by Tom Hanks via his Playtone banner.

There have been a few films about the early days of The Beatles such as BACKBEAT and NOWHERE BOY, but this movie will center on Epstein who was one of the driving forces in the success of The Beatles. The band will obviously play an integral part in the story but it will focus on Epstein's life.

The Hollywood Reporter described the project: Sometimes called the "fifth Beatle," Epstein signed the band in 1961 -- before Beatlemania hit -- and died in 1967 from an accidental drug overdose. He was a closet homosexual and suffered from gambling and drug addictions, and was many times the glue that held the band together. The producers describe the project as the story of “the man who threw the biggest party of the 1960’s, but ultimately forgot to invite himself.”

The screenplay is by Todd Graff. There is no word on a production or release date for the film, but it will be added to Cumberbatch's already packed slate. He is already playing the villain in STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS, will join Brad Pitt and Michael Fassbender in TWELVE YEARS A SLAVE, as well as playing a role in the Meryl Streep starring adaptation of the play AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY. Add also the persistent rumors that he is in contention for the villain role in the next Bond movie.

Cumberbatch is certainly amassing quite the fan base. There have been



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