Best Movie & TV Trailers of the Week - MIB International, Hellboy, Piercing

David Harbour as the new man in red, Mia Wasikowska torturing a man for funsies, Isabelle Huppert stalking Chloe Grace Moretz -- It's time for the best movie and TV trailers of the week!

First up we have the best movie trailers of the week, and what a week it was, friends. The first trailer dropped for Lionsgate's new HELLBOY, with director Neil Marshall stepping into the director's chair amid Guillermo del Toro's exit, and STRANGER THINGS' David Harbour as the titular demon himself. The trailer has...a little more Billy Idol than I would've expected, but based on Marshall's THE DESCENT and his stellar work on GAME OF THRONES, I'm still holding out hope for this one. Side note: stoked to see AMERICAN HONEY's Sasha Lane saddling up next to Harbour's Hellboy.

We also were served a brand new look at the upcoming MEN IN BLACK 4, or as it is known, MEN IN BLACK :INTERNATIONAL. Forget Liam Hemsworth, I would watch Tessa Thompson read from a cookbook for two hours. The girl is one of our greatest and most diverse talents working today, and she also just happens to be very, very fun to watch.

I'm also very excited to watch Isabelle Huppert toy with Chloe Grace Moretz like a cat bats at a toy in the upcoming GRETA, and I can't wait to get PIERCING in my eyeballs, especially considering it's the same director who gave us THE EYES OF MY MOTHER.

Next up we have TV trailers! This week shows us brand new looks at I AM THE NIGHT, CONAN, INTO THE DARK: NEW YEAR, NEW YOU, MARVEL'S RUNAWAYS SEASON 2, BROOKLYN NINE-NINE season 6, and more!

Despite the fact that we were given two new trailers for the new HELLBOY and MEN IN BLACK, I'd have to say that the trailer that got me the most amped this week is actually for Nicolas Pesce's PIERCING. I'm sad to say I missed this one when it played at festivals, but based on the footage shown here, it looks like I'm in for a wild and surreal ride when it finally lands in theaters on February 1st, 2019.



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