Breaking Bad is already being remade...in Spanish

Not even a full week goes by and the remake machine is already hard at work on BREAKING BAD. One of the greatest television series of all time has been the subject of numerous articles saying it can never be replaced, but Sony Television is going to do their best to make it big globally. Believe it or not but BREAKING BAD is kind of like the NFL: huge in America and not as much everywhere else in the world. In fact, most of Latin America hasn't seen the show.

With that in mind, Sony and Colombian producer Teleset are remaking BREAKING BAD with an all new cast for the retitled METASTASIS. While remakes of foreign shows are not uncommon, this one is not straying far from the source material. In fact, producers of METASTASIS have consulted Vince Gilligan to make sure they are keeping in line with the tone and stories of the original.

METASTASIS tells the story of Walter, partner Jose (Jesse), wife Cielo (Skyler) and brother-in-law -- and narcotics agent -- Henry Navarro (Hank).

That's right, they literally translated the characters names for the new show. Even the official image above is almost exactly the same as the promotional images from the first season of BREAKING BAD. Some details are being tweaked to fit with the geographic setting of the new series (the infamous RV will now be an abandoned school bus) and the show is promising to be more mainstream, which likely means toned down violence and language.

Can you make these changes and still be BREAKING BAD? While this will never tarnish the legacy of the just completed show, it is definitely an interesting experiment. Will METASTASIS be the equivalent of Steve Carell's THE OFFICE as compared to Ricky Gervais' original? Time will tell.



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