Brolin as George W!

Entertainment Weekly has your first look at Josh Brolin and Elizabeth Banks as George W. and Laura Bush in their latest issue, which hits newsstands tomorrow. In the fascinating article, Brolin talks about what convinced him to take the role ("We both have well-known fathers. We both grew up in the country. We both have strong mothers."), Stone talks about the President's legacy ("Bush may turn out to be the worst president in history.") and there are rumors that Paul Giamatti may sign on to play Dick Cheney after Robert Duvall turned down the part. When I was in Shreveport, LA for a set visit, Stone and his crew were staying in the same hotel and working hard on pre-production. Now filming is set to begin two weeks and Stone is putting the finishing touches on his vision. The script has come under some early criticism but it'll be interesting to see how Bush lovers and Bush haters (cause there really is no in-between) feel about the film when it's released. You can read an excerpt from the article and view more photos at Entertainment Weekly's website.

Extra Tidbit: Pretty good likeness so far if you ask me...



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