Captain Marvel reactions: Larson soars in Marvel's crazy, cosmic adventure

Marvel’s latest superhero blockbuster – CAPTAIN MARVEL – is only two weeks away, and now it’s time for the first batch of critics and audiences to see the finished product and offer their thoughts. Not only is this Marvel’s first female-led solo movie, but other distinguishing qualities are it’s basically an MCU prequel, taking place years before the events of the first IRON MAN, while also shifting between alien worlds and our own. There’s also the first major appearance of the major Marvel comics race of villains, the Skrulls, who take the form of anyone they like, including little old women. How do all these elements stack up in this latest adventure? According to the first wave of critics and writers, incredibly well, making it for one of Marvel’s bolder, wackier adventures in the style of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY and THOR: RAGNAROK.

Many critics and journalists are praising Marvel’s latest, particularly for the work from star Brie Larson, who they say is perfectly suited for the super suit and heroic, charming and funny. Another performance receiving praise is Ben Mendelsohn as the Skrull villain Talos, who critics are saying is much more than a throwaway villain caked in makeup. Along with great performances, the movie is said to have nailed the 90s tone, inciting a wave of nostalgia without relying too heavily on it, and including tons of music hits from the era. Cap it all off with a wacky, wild approach that makes the movie come off much weirder and more fun than some critics were expecting (and that may turn off some viewers), and this is shaping up to be considered one of Marvel’s most unique outings yet.

Of course, you should always remember these are just the earliest, immediate reactions, so be sure to check out more responses when the full review embargo drops on March 5.

Oh, and is there an end-credits scene?

CAPTAIN MARVEL is in theaters March 8.

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