Carla Gugino will be Salma Hayek's replacement in Faster

For the upcoming Dwayne Johnson action-thriller FASTER, the hot female quotient it seems will remain unaltered.

Stepping in for Salma Hayek (who left the project earlier this month) will be the curvaceous and sexy Carla Gugino.

The story, from writers Joe and Tony Gayton (MURDER BY NUMBERS, THE SALTON SEA), remains predominately the same. FASTER "follows Johnson's ex­-con character as he sets out to avenge his brother's murder with a deadly to­-do list." Actually, that "to-do list" stuff is new. Gugino will be playing "the detective in charge of the investigation, hot on his trail and hell­bent on connecting the killings with a decade­-old case." Huh. I love Hayek (specifically, her butt), though it would've been strange to see her in that role, frankly.

Gugino was last seen in RACE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN (with Johnson ironically), WATCHMEN, and the limitedly released WOMEN IN TROUBLE as pornstar Elektra Luxx. She'll next be seen in EVERY DAY, THE MIGHTY MACS, ELEKTRA LUXX, and then Zack Snyder's SUCKER PUNCH in March of 2011.

FASTER is due out on November 19th.
Extra Tidbit: Wait... so ELEKTRA LUXX, which is premiering at SXSW next month, is a spin-off of a film that hardly anyone saw?
Source: Variety



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