Cast This: Who Should Direct The Expendables 3?

Last week, there was a stir created in the news that fans wanted John Woo to direct THE EXPENDABLES 3. Which got us thinking-- who would be a great director for the third?

When it came to directing a sequel to THE EXPENDABLES, production took a step up hiring Simon West. West may not have made some of the best films, but he did direct CON AIR. If you do something like CON AIR then you should get an automatic spot in the director's chair for an EXPENDABLES follow-up. When it came to pleasing the fans, it seems that West knew exactly what to do. By this logic and the fact that he's got more well-known action films under his belt, it's easy to see why Woo would be a good choice.

If the fans don't get Woo, then who is the next best choice? Or is there a better one? There was a good idea pitched by Markuskorpela in the strike backs who suggested that Paul Verhoeven take on the third installment. What about someone like Luc Besson? Clint Eastwood even jokingly mentioned that he would have to pass on starring, but maybe he would direct.

What does it take to direct something like THE EXPENDABLES? One might automatically think of this macheesmo action fodder as corny, however, if given to the right people, the stars end up looking like the true badasses they are.

So throw some ideas at us! Who should direct THE EXPENDABLES 3?


1. Gina Carano 2. Lynn Collins 3. Odette Annable (formerly Yustman)

I sensed that you guys weren't as excited about Wonder Woman regardless of what medium the character showed up on. Gina Carano (no surprise) was the first choice, even if she wasn't a great actress, as indicated by some of those who voted for her. Between your second and third choices, Lynn Collins is the one I'd go with. Though I have to say, Jamie Alexander (THOR) was a terrific suggestion from one of the schmoes. She's got it all.

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