Fans lobby for John Woo to direct The Expendables 3

As THE EXPENDABLES 2 nears $300 million in worldwide gross, the talk turns to the inevitable sequel. We have all been hearing since before THE EXPENDABLES 2 hit theaters that a third film was coming. The question would be, who will direct it?

It seems likely that Simon West will come back for the final film in the EXPENDABLES trilogy, but one fan is lobbying hard for an action icon to take over the directing reins. ABKing, via fansite Expendables Premiere, has written a pretty convincing rationale for why none other than John HARD BOILED Woo should direct the next movie.

From ABKing's manifesto:People these days seem to underestimate what WOO can bring to the table -- I think EX3 needs to close out the series with a BANG and be different. Imagine Barney Ross throwing a canister of gasoline in the air and Trench shooting it only for an explosion to take out 20 of SEAGAL's goons....Or Jet Li and Jackie Chan fighting side by side trying to defeat Nic Cage's goons (right after Chan makes his entrance of course riding a bike into a warehouse mid air shooting a machine gun in slow motion). Maybe throw in some Maggie action to show the boys how it is done to try to one-up them....John Woo knows how to make all this look good on screen. See HARD BOILED if you don't believe me.

I gotta say, I would love to see that version of THE EXPENDABLES 3. I love FACE/OFF, HARD TARGET, and even BROKEN ARROW. They are fun and over the top and exactly what I envisioned THE EXPENDABLES to be all about. if they can truly rustle up those guys, it would be quite a way to end the series. Woo may even be able to bring John Travolta or Nic Cage as well. I don't know who this ABKing guy is, but his ideas intrigue me and I wish to subscribe to his newsletter.

Who do you think should helm THE EXPENDABLES 3?



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