Cate Blanchett joins Ben Stiller and James Franco for While We're Young

Before Noah Baumbach and Jennifer Jason Leigh broke up, Baumbach wrote the lead female role in WHILE WE WE'RE YOUNG just for her.

When you break up it might be a little hard to work together.

Now that Leigh is out, Cate Blanchett is the one stepping in for her. What's Baumbach's story all about? "The relationship dramedy follows a free-spirited twenty-something Brooklyn couple (Franco and a yet-to-be-cast actress) who inspires a documentarian (Stiller) and his wife (Blanchett) to loosen up -- with comedic consequences."

Greta Gerwig (GREENBERG) was set to play Franco's wife, but she had to leave the project due to scheduling issues. It's sad that she won't be in the film. I've actually grown quite fond of the Gerwig. On another note, while I love Blanchett, I was kind of looking forward to seeing Leigh in the role. To me, she will always be the girl who practiced BJs in the cafeteria with Phoebe Cates.

WHILE WE'RE YOUNG will start production next Summer in New York.

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Source: The Wrap



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