Catherine Hardwicke directs angsty chick flick, The Bitch Posse

Hello all you Catherine Hardwicke fans out there! Need some more chick fueled movies? How about an adaptation of Martha O'Connor's 2006 novel, THE BITCH POSSE?

The story centers on, "three friends, Cherry, Amy and Rennie, high school seniors who come from troubled homes and form a dangerous alliance called the Bitch Posse. Something occurs that rips apart the friendship and haunts them into adulthood. The book switches back and forth from those high school years to their adult lives where one is in a mental institution, the other is a promiscuous writer and the third suffers through a loveless marriage."

Tristine Skyler, the chick who was accussed of being possessed in BOOK OF SHADOWS: BLAIR WITCH 2 is writing the screenplay. Apparently she's also doing the adaptation of Sylvia Plath's "The Bell Jar" which will star Julia Stiles. Virginia Madsen and Karly Meola are producing under their company Title IX who optioned the book.

I don't know if many of you are still into Harwicke since she went from directing films like LORDS OF DOGTOWN and THIRTEEN to helming TWILIGHT and RED RIDING HOOD, but perhaps this won't be too bad.

Extra Tidbit: Did anyone here actually go see RED RIDING HOOD?
Source: Deadline



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