Charlie Cox & Steven S. DeKnight talk Netflix's Daredevil, plus new poster

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I'm very glad to see I am not the only one who is extremely excited for Netflix's Daredevil series. It has a fantastic cast, and I absolutely loved the first trailer. Star Charlie Cox and showrunner Steven S. DeKnight shared a few thoughts on the project in an interview with Empire, and I think you will be quite pleased with what they have to say about the upcoming series.

Charlie Cox on what to expect from Netflix's Daredevil:

This is more sinister, and that really suits the character. The hero and the villain… it’s a very blurry line. Let’s say that you didn’t know anything about Daredevil, hopefully you would feel a sense of ambiguity about who’s on the right path here. And, well, you know… we have blood.

Speaking of blood, it's looking like Daredevil will be a little darker and maybe just a tad more violent compared to the films from Marvel's Cinematic Universe. Steven S. DeKnight described the show as PG-16 (something he's done in the past) during his conversation with Empire, saying "We don’t quite get to R, but we kiss right up to it.” DeKnight went on to again likened the tone of the series to HBO's The Wire.

We always say we shoot for The Wire. We also took our cues from classic cop movies of the ‘70s that we love: The French Connection, Dog Day Afternoon, movies like that.

A great new poster for the series has also been released that you can check out below, and all 13 episodes of Daredevil will be available on Netflix on April 10, 2015.

Daredevil Steven S. DeKnight Charlie Cox

Source: Empire



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