Charlie's Angels looks to the theatre in finding a new writer

charlies angels,

Don't just expect a trio of pretty faces kicking ass for Sony's reboot of CHARLIE'S ANGELS, set to be directed by Elizabeth Banks. Instead the studio wants deeper, richer characters at the heart of their franchise relaunch, and so they're heading to the theatre in the hopes of pulling that off. 

Playwright David Auburn, who brought PROOF to the stage before it was adapted into a feature film, has been brought on to pen the script for CHARLIE'S ANGELS. The Pulitzer Prize-winning scribe is part of a concerted effort to make CHARLIE'S ANGELS more than a female-driven action series. Banks and Sony are on the same page in wanting this opportunity to be so much more. They're going for meaningful female empowerment with three-dimensional characters behind the wheel, and Auburn seems to relish the task at hand.

"Elizabeth Banks is one of the smartest people I've ever met, in or out of show business, and I am thrilled to be working with her on a reinvented Charlie's Angels that's grounded, edgy, subversive, smart and fun."

This certainly doesn't seem like your by-the-numbers, take-advantage-of-the-brand-awareness reboot, and I commend Sony on trying to make something good here over something that might make money due to the familiarity of the title. I hope they can make it work, because the world is a pretty cool place when you create these type of heroes for young women to be inspired by.



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