Check out Gal Gadot's figure in preparation for Wonder Woman


There's been a lot of talk Gal Gadot's stature and build regarding her taking on the role of Wonder Woman. Whether it be a lack of muscle or bust, it seems that there's a lot of folks in need of convincing that Gadot is the woman for the job. As we learned late last year, her origin is that of being a demigod (related to Zeus), and even though her solo WONDER WOMAN film doesn't hit theaters for another 2 years, she'll be training up until then.

Check out her latest pics:


Given the relation to Zeus, massive biceps and triceps and . . . other 'ceps aren't really necessary. What I'm attracted to is her look of determination. She's slender and appears as though she could quickly work her way around her enemies. A lot of you seemed to dig the look of her official outfit, but something tells me Zack Snyder is going to impress some folks when when we finally get to see her in action. Given that BATMAN V SUPERMAN is setting up a bunch of new DC characters while telling its own story, it will undoubtedly be one of the most ambitious comic book films of all time. Almost the equivalent of Marvel releasing the first Avengers films right after IRON MAN. We'll know March 25th of next year with DAWN OF JUSTICE hits theaters if DC can pull it off.

Michelle MacLaren's WONDER WOMAN is scheduled to hit June 23, 2017.

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