Check out Lindsay Lohan in character for her Elizabeth Taylor biopic

The Lindsay Lohan comeback machine continues to chug along. The fallen starlet has begun filming on her Lifetime Network biopic on Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton currently titled LIZ AND DICK. Something tells me that title may change.

The image above shows Lohan in character as Taylor and the Internet has been all abuzz with how close Lohan resembles the Hollywood icon. Personally, I don't see it. Sure, they have a similar hairstyle and clothing, but they don't really resemble each other that much.

Elizabeth Taylor and Lindsay Lohan do share some qualities: they were both scrutinized by the media for their personal lives, both were treated for drug and alcohol addiction, and both were considered the next big thing from a young age. The main difference is that Elizabeth Taylor went on to win Oscars for her acting while Lohan is starring in a Lifetime movie about an Oscar winner.

Hopefully Lindsay can pull a Robert Downey Jr and get her career back on track, but something tells me she is going to end up more like the version of Elizabeth Taylor in this video.

Extra Tidbit: Look at the side by side photos, people! Elizabeth Taylor was way hotter than Lindsay Lohan.
Source: TMZ



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