Clips emerge for Steven Seagal actioner Cartels

Man Steven Seagal makes being an action star look so easy - in the sense that it seems all it takes to be one is grunting out lines, walking slowly, and pointing guns unconvincingly at people. You don't even need to be in shape or throw a punch or anything! I mean, I'm also fat, lazy, and sporting a questionable goatee, where's my action film?

Anyway, Seagal's latest is CARTELS, which has a convoluted plot about some spec ops or merc guy played by Seagal who supposedly kills a Russian cartel leader, only for that to be a cover-up so they can turn said cartel leader into a state witness, but then other cartels want the Russian guy dead and...whatever. People shoot, fight, and blow each other up for about 90 minutes.

Anyway, here are some clips, which include some legitimately cool fight scenes from the other stars (which include former UFC fighter and Marvel side-villain George St. Pierre as a heavy). Anyway, if you're curious about quick-cut, shaky-cam, barely comprehensible "action", check them out below:

Meanwhile, CARTELS gets a VOD release in the US tomorrow, July 7th.

Extra Tidbit: So what's everyone's favorite Seagal film (if any)?
Source: YouTube



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