C'mon Hollywood #204

... give us more Roger Rabbit!
by Sturdy

Yeah, I know, this kind of falls into the “where the hell did that come from?” category, but every now and again I like to mix things up. With all the shitty films getting sequels these days and every bad 80’s TV show getting a feature film, I think we could do well with revisiting one of the more popular family films of the late 80’s, early 90’s. WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT is still a great film and I’d love to see a sequel to it.

I won’t hide my unabashed love for the film. I was about 10 years-old when the film came out at the theater and that was the perfect age for a film like this. The very idea of seeing Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny on screen together was enough to send me into an excited fit. I don’t think today’s kids have the same affection for Mickey and Bugs, but there are plenty of cartoon characters out there that kids appreciate. The beauty of the Toontown is that it transcended studios, so in theory, you could throw any animated character you wanted to in there.

Friends or reluctant co-stars?

The real question is what time period to set the sequel in. If the original took place in 1947, then they could theoretically have the sequel take place any time after that, or at least 20 years after. Personally, I loved the late 40’s atmosphere and I’d love to see them pick it up a few years later. But it could be an interesting story to have Roger, Jessica and Baby Herman interact with more modern characters. The “I’m too old for this shit” jokes would fly off the screen. But heck, even if you couldn’t get the different characters on screen, the three main animated characters and Bob Hoskins could pull off a sequel on their own. The storylines are practically endless and seeing them together again on the big screen would be a blast.

Confusing little boys since 1988!

Another reason to make a sequel to WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT is the seductress herself; Jessica Rabbit. She’s still a viable character in today’s pop culture, 20 years since the movie came out. And speaking of Jessica Rabbit, what the hell happened to Kathleen Turner? The woman should sue Father Time because surely what he’s done to her can’t be legal. But I digress. The point is that Jessica Rabbit is still relevant because animated women with red hair and huge breasts never go out of style.

Seeing the Justin Timberlake (is he actually getting more annoying?) and Jessica Biel skit reminded me how much I loved WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT. The greatness of the original was that it seamlessly combined Toontown and the real world. But the real world part was what made the film stand out. The blending of animation and live-action provided great symmetry for the blending of serious, mature themes with childish comedy. With a good script, I think this would make a great sequel.

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