Coen brothers to write internet thriller Dark Web, somehow not about Reddit

Who doesn't love the Coen brothers? For one, THE BIG LEBOWSKI is one of the funniest things ever made, as is RAISING ARIZONA. But they are also so talented, that they can even do creeping, existential dread in films like NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, as well as merge those two sensibilities in something like FARGO. Versatility, and a unique perspective, are what make them one of the best filmmakers of this - and possibly any - generation.

Which is what makes me excited about their new project DARK WEB (then again, I'd be excited if they were doing a reboot of f*cking Ziggy). Anyway, according to the Hollywood Reporter the film is a true story about:

29-year-old idealist named Ross William Ulbricht (aka Dread Pirate Roberts) who built an online illegal-drug marketplace called "The Silk Road" and along the way allegedly became a murderous kingpin.

While there's no mention of the Coens directing the project, never say never! If they did, I wonder what their frequent cinematographer Roger Deakins would do to make the act of typing cinematically interesting - even David Fincher had some trouble with that in the still-excellent SOCIAL NETWORK. Either way, the mind reels.

There's no release date yet for DARK WEB at the moment; however, the Coen brothers have a film they wrote for the George Clooney-directed comedy SUBRUBICON coming out next year. So look out for that!

What do you guys think? Interested in a Coen brothers cyber-thriller? 

Extra Tidbit: Joel Coen helped edit Sam Raimi's first EVIL DEAD film.
Source: THR



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