Colin Farrell and Anthony Hopkins to team up for serial killer thriller Solace

Colin Farrell and Anthony Hopkins are now set to team up for the serial-killer thriller, SOLACE, for director Alfonso Poyart (TWO RABBITS) where the duo will have a bit of a role-reversal thing going on.  Farrell will star as the serial killer, while Hopkins will play a retired doctor who is brought in to help catch him.  The role of the F.B.I. agent working with Hopkins has yet to be cast.

Here's the synopsis (from Deadline):

An FBI detective seeks the help of a retired and reclusive doctor, to try and solve a series of grisly murders. The doctor was a wiz at the murder game, but lost his mojo when his daughter died tragically. Desperate, the detective presses the doctor to come out of retirement for one more case. Farrell will play the serial killer, putting him mano a mano against Hopkins.

I'd never heard of Poyart until today, so after a little digging I found his trailer for TWO RABBITS, which is absolutely insane looking.  His involvement in this project, which sounds like a pretty generic serial killer pic, could very well be the one thing that plucks it from monotony. 

Check this shit out:

Colin Farrell will next be seein DEAD MAN DOWN, opening on March 8, 2013, while Anthony Hopkins has RED 2 on August 2, 2013 and THOR: THE DARK WORLD on November 8, 2013.  No word on release for SOLACE, as it's still in development.

Extra Tidbit: I'm already seeing visions of Tarsem's The Cell for this. What about you?
Source: Deadline



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