Colin Farrell in talks to join Denzel Washington in Dan Gilroy's Inner City

Although Colin Farrell has taken the lead in his fair share of big-budget projects, he seems to be at his best when part of an ensemble or paired with another compelling actor, such as with Brendan Gleeson in IN BRUGES or Rachel Weisz in THE LOBSTER. As a big fan of the underrated actor, I'm always curious to see which projects he has on his slate, and he's currently in talks to join what could be something quite special.

Dan Gilroy, writer/director of the excellent NIGHTCRAWLER, is currently preparing to kick off production on his next film in Los Angeles by mid-March, and it seems likely that Colin Farrell will be joining him. Farrell is currently in negotiations to co-star alongside Denzel Washington in INNER CITY, which Gilroy wrote and will direct. The upcoming film will star Washington as an awkward hard-nosed liberal lawyer named Roman J. Israel. After decades of working as a legal researcher in Los Angeles and letting others take the credit, Israel is suddenly thrust into the spotlight when his partner has a heart attack and he's forced to take on the role of the firm's front-man. He soon uncovers details about the firm's history which "run afoul of his values of helping the poor and dispossessed, and finds himself in an existential crisis that leads to extreme action." Farrell is set to play a slick, money-focused lawyer at the firm. Denzel Washington, Colin Farrell and Dan Gilroy? I'm excited.

Colin Farrell was last seen in FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM, which is set to be released on Blu-ray/DVD on March 28, 2017.

Source: Variety



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