Colossus to appear in Deadpool; Gina Carano joins the cast as Angel Dust

On top of the cool news that Ryan Reynolds will not be the only Marvel superhero in DEADPOOL, we also have confirmation on a new leading lady in the film. The Hollywood Reporter cites sources claiming that X-MEN character Colossus will play a role in DEADPOOL. The extent of his involvement is unknown and it could even be a cameo, but it is nice to know that Fox is treating this movie as a member of their cinematic universe and not a one-off standalone.

In other DEADPOOL news, Gina Carano has joined the cast as Angel Dust. In the comics, Angel Dust is a member of the Morlocks and has the mutant abilities of superhuman strength, speed, agility, and more for a short time. When her powers kick in, dark lines appear on her face. I would venture to guess that Carano's role will be substantial but there is no indication that she is the female lead that several actresses have been testing for.

After years of silence it is exciting to see how quickly DEADPOOL is now coming together. With Ryan Reynolds and director Tim Miller passionate about the source material, I am optimistic this will be as good as we all hope it can be.

DEADPOOL hits theaters on February 12, 2016.



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